Whether they are just starting school or have changed schools, all children are welcome here. Simply send us the completed contact form.

We look at every registration very carefully, because we want to know why you have chosen Montessori education. It is important that parents become familiar with our way of learning and nurturing, because letting children learn at their own pace means letting go and trusting – in the child and the educators. There are many questions about Montessori, and we are happy to answer them. Therefore, we regularly invite you to information evenings and the Open House.

Selection process

The selection of the children at the Montessori School Wiesbaden is made on the basis of the completely submitted documents and on the basis of the school’s internal getting-to-know-you session, during which the current stage of development of each child is determined.

All enrollments are reviewed with the following criteria in mind:

  1. A positive attitude towards Montessori education and our school concept, as well as the associated willingness to engage with it
  2. Entrance screening
  3.  A balanced ratio of girls and boys as well as a mixture of ages in the groups
  4. Priority for siblings


Our school usually completes the admission process by April. However, due to cancellations, the final allocation of free places may be delayed until the summer vacations. If we are able to offer your child a place, we will send you a contract, which you should sign and return to us within one week.

Here you can find our Voranmeldebogen.