Spring market

Veröffentlicht: 1. April 2023

Easter Bazaar

On the morning of the last school day before the Easter holidays, the Monti children invited parents and grandparents to visit the Easter Bazaar stalls. The Easter Bazaar was opened by the pupils of the fourth grade with a rap. Afterwards, the younger children sang an Easter bunny song. In the past few days, all the groups worked diligently on handicrafts and baking. For example, sewn Easter bunnies, Easter baskets made of old newspaper, wind chimes made of flower pots and many other Easter decorations were created. Easter biscuits and yeast bunnies tasted delicious and were completely sold after a short time. The children worked behind the stalls with great eagerness, joy and sales talent and raised a handsome sum for their class coffers

In the cosmic education room, the Acacia group exhibited their surrealistic paintings and were pleased to see a large number of visitors in the in-house exhibition. A very successful start to the Easter holidays for everyone.