Our Montessori school was founded 25 years ago through the commitment of parents and can only continue to exist in the future through your involvement.

Through your professional and personal experience, skills and abilities, our school community benefits from your skills and knowledge. This potential is indispensable for the further development of our small school, as it is the only way to keep operating costs low on the one hand, and on the other hand, this work promotes togetherness and allows us to participate in the everyday life of our children.

Parental work is a contribution:

  • to the active shaping of the school
  • an opportunity for participation
  • in the sense of setting an example for our children to get involved in the community and society

Parents’ hours are not a chore, but an opportunity to actively participate in school life and support our children and the school. An overview list of possible parent service tasks offers inspiration to get involved at Monti.

A tip from Monti parents to future Monti parents

Pupils at our Monti learn very independently and on their own responsibility. Unlike at the mainstream school, the children work a lot with materials and do not always document their results in the parents’ mind. Parents therefore have much less insight into what they have “gone through”. This may be unusual, but it is part of the concept and should not create any fears. In fact, these can easily be dispelled in a personal conversation with the teaching team. The teachers have to observe and document the children’s work very closely. In their role as learning facilitators, they have the overview.

Support their child’s personal responsibility. Because: if the children are strongly controlled at home, it is more difficult for them to organise themselves at school and they do not know what is expected of them.