Strong children are MonTiger

The MonTiger stands for everything that makes us Montis: self-confidence, strength and power. Montessori children learn on their own, they look for their own materials and information. MonTigers not only acquire knowledge, but also strengthen their decision-making power, their will, their sense of responsibility as well as their communicative skills.

Children who have attended a Montessori school have no problems when transferring to a secondary school.
They have achieved the learning goals of elementary school, have become acquainted with different forms of teaching, can assess themselves and their learning behavior very well and face new situations with confidence.

The MonTigers go their way with strength and courage, because the high level of social competence and independence is an important prerequisite for later standing confidently in life.

The MonTiger shirt (as well as the complete school clothing) can be purchased through the secretary’s office.