Monti Scholarship – a fair chance for all

Although many children could benefit from an alternative to a regular school and many parents would like this for their children, the school fees exceed the financial possibilities of the families. With the help of the Monti scholarship, children – with individual suitability and corresponding interest of the parents – should be given access to our school. The scholarships, starting from our preschool, are awarded as partial scholarships until the end of elementary school, but are re-evaluated at the beginning of each school year. You can assess whether your family is eligible for a scholarship by using our criteria catalog (Kriterienkatalogs) .

I would like to support!

Our scholarship lives from the community. If you would also like to support this project, you can find more information here:

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Education makes school

Since its foundation in 1997, the Montessori School Wiesbaden e.V. has been a state-approved all-day elementary school with an entry level from 4.5 years of age under independent sponsorship.

The students are divided into 4 groups (Acacia, Birch, Alder and Chestnut), in each of which 4 grades are taught together. In addition to fostering a strong personality, the focus is on supporting the interests and talents of each child. An important component and at the same time the basis of learning according to the Montessori pedagogy is free work, which is part of the daily schedule. The binding educational standards of the Hessian core curriculum are adhered to.

In our two preschool groups, the green and the red Montinis, children are “enrolled” who are too far along for kindergarten, but still too young for school. Our Montinis are thirsty for knowledge, curious and eager to experiment. Elementary school students who have reached the regular elementary school age begin their transition to the 1st school year in one of our groups.

Comprehension instead of cramming

Montessori education shows the child the world and teaches him to understand the big connections and interconnections. Active action, experience and visualization are the paths to success. This is not only fun, but also good for self-confidence. Montessori children learn from the very beginning how to acquire knowledge independently, how to recognize problems and find solutions on their own.

Selection criteria

  • Details in the criteria catalog (Kriterienkatalog)
  • Income level (proof to be repeated annually)
  • Suitability of the child and interest of the parents
  • Personal interview

Scope of scholarships

  • Waiver of admission fee
  • Subsidy for school fees
  • Subsidy for school trips
  • Assumption of costs for vacation care


  • Completed application form
  • Completed self-disclosure form (Selbstauskunft)
  • Letter of motivation from the parents explaining the reasons for the application

Costs to be borne by the parents*

  • Proportionate contribution of 500 € instead of 1,750 €
  • Contribution to school fees of 230 € per month for elementary school, 175 € per month for preschool
  • Contribution to school meals of 55 to 80 € per month, depending on selection
  • Costs incurred for voluntary AGs after regular school hours


The final decision on the awarding of the scholarships will be made by a committee of the Montessori School Board by the end of May. Appeals against the decision are excluded. Applicants will be notified immediately.

*As of January 2022, adjustments may be made.