The school library of the Montessori School Wiesbaden offers all pupils (SuS) a wide range of approx. 2,600 books in the areas of knowledge books, novels, first readers and picture books.

Pupils of all ages can borrow books to take home during library opening hours. The 3rd and 4th year library officers are responsible for this task for the Amethyst, Azurit and Opal groups and are the contact persons for their classmates for questions about the library. You will be supported by a parent from the library team. A member of the library team is responsible for borrowing books from the Montini pre-school group.

By signing the consent form, you authorise the library team to create a library account for your child and to create a secret word for the login on our library homepage. You will find the library hours, questions about borrowing and returning items in our description.

In consultation with a teacher, pupils can use the library outside opening hours during their free work phases, either alone or with classmates.

The library rules require that students keep quiet so as not to disturb classmates who are reading or concentrating. Eating and drinking is prohibited in the library. Careful handling of books is a prerequisite for obtaining a library card. If a book has been damaged by borrowing or if a book has been lost, please send us an e-mail to In our online library, children can log in with their access data to browse or reserve a book.