Our groups

Learning together

Grandma and grandpa knew mixed-ability classes from their youth. For many, they have become a symbol of educational backwardness. But not with us! The Montessori School Wiesbaden has four mixed-grade groups. The mixed-grade instruction allows our children to be at different levels of learning and achievement in different subjects. In this way, the very gifted child as well as a slower one learns with joy and fun. Differentiation at our school does not happen through a multitude of worksheets, but through individual work in a learning group.

For Maria Montessori, working in mixed-grade groups was a matter of course. She knew exactly about the social and qualitative advantages of this system and made use of them. Our children also benefit from these advantages.

Amethyst, Opal, and Azurite (starting in the 2023/2024 school year): These are our three mixed-age groups. Here, four grades are together in one class group. Students support each other, learn from and with each other, and each child can experience themselves as stronger or weaker due to the age mix.