Whether your child is starting school or transferring, all children are welcome with us. Simply send us the completed registration form to

We carefully assess each registration soas to understand why you have chosen a Montessori education. It is important to us for parents to engage with our style of learning and fostering, as allowing children to learn at their own pace requires letting go and trusting – in the child as well as the educators. We expect parents to have many questions about Montessori, and we are happy to answer them. Therefore, we regularly invite you to information evenings and open house events.

We are not a bilingual or international school, and we do not have a multinational staff. The language of instruction is exclusively German. In general English is only used by teachers during English lessons and activities.  However, of course non-German-speaking children are initially introduced to the school and their routine in English and are supported as they develop their German language skills.

Selection process

The selection process involves submission of completed registration documents and a personal introduction at the school, allowing for assessment of the child’s current stage of development.

All enrolments are reviewed with the following points in mind:

  • A positive attitude towards Montessori education and our school concept, as well as a willingness to engage with it.
  • The entrance screening.
  • A balanced ratio of girls and boys as well as a mixture of ages in the groups
  • Prioritisation for siblings of existing students



School admission without the submission of completed registration documents and a personal introduction at the school is not possible.

Typically, the selection process for the following school year is completed by April. However, contract cancelations may lead to places being allocated up to the summer vacation. After offering your child placement we will send you a contract to sign and return within a week.

Here you can find our Voranmeldebogen.