Montessori Schule Wiesbaden

All-day primary school with entry level from 4.5 years old

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a stimulating environment for curious learning and personal development


independent thinking and learning


all day and in the holidays


younger and older pupils, parents and teachers


body and mind


discovery of talents

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Our school

is located on Wiesbaden’s Freudenberg in the immediate vicinity of the famous castle. For about 100 pupils, our school is the perfect place to learn for pre-school and primary school.

Our groups

consist of 3 primary school groups and one pre-school group (Montinis). In mixed-grade primary school groups, our pupils learn in class.

In the Montinis, school-based content is mixed with pre-school and play-based content. Our experienced teachers prepare the children for their entry into school.

Our forest playground

offers all Monti children the opportunity to let off steam to their heart’s content during break times, explore the play structure, ride on wooden horses, build camps in the bushes, play table tennis and football, or simply relax on the swings.

Our experiential education

satisfies the children’s need for movement, play and excitement. In mastering tasks, they recognise their abilities and develop confidence in themselves and their classmates. Learning processes are set in motion and the children can develop personality and initiative.

Our experimental course

enables our students to gain a practical insight into the world of science. Under guidance, they carry out experiments independently, investigate and document the results.

Our library

is diverse and generously equipped. Education is hardly possible without being able to read. Reading is therefore a fundamental core competence for social and cultural life. In a primary school, the acquisition of a solid reading competence is a central development goal.

For many years, our library, co-managed by the pupils, has successfully contributed to this acquisition of competence. We succeed in awakening enthusiasm for reading with a wide range of over 2,500 books in the most diverse categories and reading levels.

Our school garden

promotes the environmental and nutritional awareness of our pupils. By planting the beds, tending the plants and harvesting the produce, our Monti children can experience nature directly and practically.

Our Café Gleitzeit

is a meeting place for pupils, parents and teachers. A Café Gleitzeit week takes place at regular intervals for each group.

On these occasions, the children present their project work to their classmates, parents, guests and in the presence of their teachers.

The latest blog posts

Open House Day

Open House Day

For the second time this year, we had the pleasure of welcoming visitors to our Montessori School Wiesbaden on 14.10.23 between 10 AM and 2 PM. Our crossing guards showed interested parents and their children around our school and told them about their daily school...

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Cooperation with the Armada farm

Cooperation with the Armada farm

Great excitement before school - on 22.9.23 our second graders were allowed to visit the Armada farm in Frauenstein for the first time. Already before half past seven, the first children were ready at the Monti full of anticipation. A few stops by bus, then a short...

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Renovations group rooms

Renovations group rooms

Fresh paint for our group rooms! Some of our group rooms were getting on in years and were no longer quite as nice to look at. There was a need for action here - we thought it would be nicer. Before and during the summer holidays, three group rooms were renovated by...

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Azurite Group

Azurite Group

The Azurite Group is complete! As a sign of belonging and appreciation, each child received a bracelet with a real azurite, which stands for strength and self-confidence. We are looking forward to an exciting school year

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Circus Casselly

Circus Casselly

Under the professional guidance of the Circus Jonny Casselly team, our fourth graders got to know and love the world of artistry and circus last week. With juggling, tightrope walking, fire spectacles, acrobatics, trapeze and clowning, the children surpassed...

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Enrolment ceremony

Enrolment ceremony

At the beginning of the school day, all the children sang our Monti song to welcome the first graders and their families. Our groups recited a poem on stage and presented a play to the audience. Our headmaster Jens Hoffmann welcomed everyone and presented the children...

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