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Teilnahme am Förderpenny-Programm 2023

Participation in the Förderpenny Program 2023
The Montessori School Wiesbaden applied for the Penny program with the acquisition of a low ropes course for our break forest.

At the end of May, we learned that we were selected as one of 2 finalists from our neighborhood region. We have a chance to be your Förderpenny winner. Because once again this year, PENNY is supporting organizations and associations from all over Germany that help children and young people with its “Förderpenny” project. And we are one of them!

As one of 700 organizations, we have already won €1,000 in prize money – and now we are competing for a year’s funding in the big customer vote.

From 21.08.2023 to 10.09.2023, the voting for our project will take place online at www.penny.de. You can vote for us once per day.

Our project idea:

The trees will be connected with steel cables and small platforms for the climbing course. This creates connections between the trees on which the children can balance without contact with the ground. The low ropes course is a great way for our students to satisfy their need for movement, play and excitement during our experiential education program. In mastering tasks, they recognize their abilities and develop confidence in themselves and their classmates. Learning processes are set in motion and the children can develop personality and initiative.

Project Day Wiesbaden engagiert! 2023

Project:  Let’s get to the beds

At the project exchange of Wiesbaden engagiert! on 26.4.23 we could win the decision makers of Lotto Hessen for us with our project idea. We would like to thank all participants of the Monti and especially the 16 helpers of Lotto Hessen GmbH, who tirelessly took over the work at the stations and especially the wooden boarding of our school garden beds until the evening. It was a busy and successful day for everyone. Once again we would like to express our sincere thanks to “Hornbach Wiesbaden”. With the organization of the 4-meter-long urgently needed planks and the free delivery of all necessary wood, the implementation of the project was possible. Of course, our students had great fun marveling at the crane.

The teams gathered at the individual stations and began the restoration of the wooden horses, the wooden benches and the garden shed. Preparing the ground for the base of our water tank and removing weeds from between our fruit trees and a new coat of paint for the playhouse in the grove was tackled. The biggest project on the schedule was the boarding up of our 6 metal beds of the school garden.

Wiesbaden engagiert! is a cooperation of companies and non-profit organizations, so that projects can be implemented together. The patron of the action week is the mayor of Wiesbaden, Gert-Uwe Mende.


A new low ropes course for our break forest

Project name: Low ropes course

Our low ropes course was one of our highlights in the Pausenwäldchen. Our students really enjoyed climbing, balancing and shimmying in the greenery during breaks and afternoon supervision. Unfortunately, this had to be completely removed in the course of the tree rescue. Through the acquisition of the ladder net wall, the balancing course, the pendulum seat course and the rope, we were able to offer the students a replacement of equal value.

The runners were able to generate a large financial contribution at the sponsored run at our 2022 summer festival.

Im Dezember 2022 war der Aufbau geschafft.

Unsere Schüler*innen konnten mit großer Freude das Klettergerüst einweihen.

Redesign of our canteen

Project: redesign of our canteen

From 23 to 26.06.2022 we have planned the fundamental redesign of our refectory. Our cafeteria is to be designed to be child-friendly and multifunctional for a wide range of requirements. The children should feel comfortable when they use the cafeteria for lunch, afternoon activities and vacation care.

The pictures provide a preview of the new design with wall shelving, seating areas and storage. The space will be more homey and better soundproofed with furniture so everyone can feel comfortable together.

Viele Helfer*innen haben bei der Umsetzung des Projektes geholfen.

Tirelessly, shelves were built and attached.

Our students enjoy the child-friendly furniture and the inviting atmosphere.

“It makes the food taste even better.”

Project Day Wiesbaden engagiert! 2023

Project:  Pausenwäldchen

On July 8, 2022, the project day took place under the motto: Let’s go to our Pausenwäldchen.

At Wiesbaden engagiert! cooperations of companies and non-profit organizations are established so that projects can be implemented together. The patron of the campaign week is Wiesbaden’s mayor, Gert-Uwe Mende.

At the online project exchange on 18.3.22 the Montessori School Wiesbaden and the company BGF+ Architekten found each other to realize the project “Let’s go to our Pausenwäldchen”. With the active support of 17 employees of BGF+ Architekten, we have redesigned our playground for the students.