Parent councils

Being a parent councilor allows you to get a deeper insight into school life and gives you the opportunity to be actively involved.

The parent councillors have the task of being the contact person for the parents. They act as an interface between the parents and the teachers in all matters concerning everyday school life.

This includes informing parents about current topics, passing on their wishes and suggestions to the educational team and questioning critical topics.

A parents’ evening is held every school term. The teachers invite the parents to this evening and set the agenda for the topics to be discussed in consultation with the parents’ council.

Approximately every 3 months during the school year, the Parent Council members of all classes meet for a Parent Council meeting. The invitation to the school parents’ council meeting is issued by the parents’ council as a whole (school parents’ council).

In this meeting, information from the classes is exchanged, suggestions and ideas are discussed and worked out. The meetings are minuted and sent to all parents by e-mail via the respective class parent councils.

The term of office of an elected class parent council is two years. A 1st Parent Council and a Deputy Parent Council are elected for each class. The election takes place at the parents’ evenings. One parent per child is entitled to vote.

The 1st Parents’ Council of each class will stand for election to the School Parents’ Council. A Parents’ Council and a Deputy Parents’ Council are elected.

The term of office is 2 years.