Above average talent

Recognizing gifted children and encouraging and supporting them in their diversity is a challenge for parents and school. We are aware of this task, which is why children with above-average giftedness are in very good hands at our Montessori school.

The individual support of our students is part of the concept of Montessori education: mixed-grade and mixed-ability learning groups, a prepared environment that takes into account the interests of the individual child, and our specially trained educators working in teams.

As early as 2007, we received the Hessian seal of approval for gifted education from the Hessian Ministry of Education for our successful work with gifted children.

All Montis learn to take responsibility for themselves and their learning through the free choice of work. In this way, they learn in a very concrete way to make decisions and to stand up for them.

Our mixed-grade groups promote cooperation between the stronger and weaker children – and vice versa. The children can try out different roles. This is an important step for identity formation and social interaction.