In line with the pedagogical guiding principle “Help me to do it myself”, we supported the young children in building up their education on their own responsibility.

What does preschool mean to your child?

Gentle introduction to everyday school life and cautious growing into the environment and life in our school. Targeted promotion of emotional, social, motor and cognitive development, through learning with Montessori materials. Strengthening of independence and the transfer of responsibilities are always in the foreground.

What do the Montinis learn at the Montessori School Wiesbaden?

At the Montinis, school-based content is mixed with preschool and play-based content. Our accomplished educators prepare children for entry into school. Skills and basic competencies are practiced with the help of Montessori materials.

For us, preschool does not mean “preschool sheets”, but preparation for life.

At the Montinis, school-based content is mixed with preschool, play-based content. Our experienced teachers prepare the children for their entry into school. With the help of Montessori materials, skills and basic competencies are practiced. The focus is on promoting the cognitive, motor, emotional and social development of children between the ages of 4.5 and six. Thus, the preparation for the so-called light hand (writing hand) and the understanding of form and quantity are just as much a part of our curriculum as the training of the senses and body awareness.

Montinis who have reached regular elementary school age begin their schooling in the regular way by attending the 1st school year.

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