Enrolment ceremony

Veröffentlicht: 18. September 2023

At the beginning of the school day, all the children sang our Monti song to welcome the first graders and their families. Our groups recited a poem on stage and presented a play to the audience. Our headmaster Jens Hoffmann welcomed everyone and presented the children with his own school bag, which he received as a gift for his first day at school. Afterwards, one after the other, the first graders were accompanied by their godparents to our stage in the refectory. There they received a Monti school T-shirt as a gift for starting school

After the successful ceremony, our first graders went to their groups with their school bags and school bags, accompanied by their classmates. The godparents proudly took care of the first graders and gave them a little insight into school life. Since the weather was kind to us, all the class photos were taken in the sunshine in the woods. At the end of the get-to-know-you session in the groups, our new Monti children were welcomed back by their parents, who in the meantime got to know each other over coffee and cake. Thus ended the first day of school at the Monti. For us it was an all-round successful enrolment celebration. We are looking forward to the primary school years ahead of us