Excursion to the barefoot path

Veröffentlicht: 20. July 2023

Excursion Birch Barefoot Path Bad Sobernheim

On 06.07.2023, the Birch went on a big trip. At 8:00 a.m. everyone met at Wiesbaden main station. We took the S-Bahn to Mainz main station, where we changed to the regional train to Bad Sobernheim. The train ride was already exciting and the children had a lot of fun looking around, playing cards or just talking. After arriving in Bad Sobernheim, we looked for a suitable place to have breakfast. In a small park, the children could enjoy the lunch boxes they had brought with them or the lunch boxes from our Tobi. Afterwards we took a group photo on a giant bench and then the real adventure began. The barefoot path. Shoes were put in lockers and felt the (sometimes stingy) ground on their feet. The trail is laid out as a circular path and is 3.5 km long. Right at the beginning is a clay stomping pool. After that, the trail continues over various surfaces, balancing/climbing opportunities and a pool with very cold water until it reaches the Nahe river. There you have two options: either take the bridge over the river or cross it at the Nahe ford. Here you walk barefoot through the river and can hold on to a rope on the right and left. Almost all the children decided to take this route and thought it was great to walk through a river for once. After this experience, the path leads over different surfaces again. We took a short break at a playground along the way. Then we came to the end of the path. To get back to the other side of the Nahe, there are again two options: you can either be your own ferryman and pull yourself to the other bank on a boat or use a suspension rope bridge
Finally, the lunch boxes were plundered once again and the children could buy themselves chips, ice cream or bratwurst. We returned by train to the main station in Wiesbaden. All the children had a lot of fun and enjoyed the day.