Our partners

Buy online through our partners and do good for our Monti!


Gooding is an internet portal that provides financial support to non-profit organisations. Organisations can be supported directly with donations or online purchases. Every online purchase made via Gooding generates rewards that are paid by the participating companies. This means that every user can do something good without paying more. Supporters can choose from over 2,000 jobs. The Gooding reminder function (toolbar) makes collecting rewards even easier: when users visit their favourite shops, the Gooding toolbar reminds them to support their favourite organisation. The instructions for installing the toolbar can be found on the Gooding website.

Without registering, you can immediately make your online purchases and generate donations for our Monti.



The principle of Bildungsspender.de is to collect donations for a charitable organisation when shopping, signing contracts and booking travel. You shop as usual and select an organisation or project group that you would like to support financially with your purchase. With your Charty purchases, you can support our school with ongoing Monti projects.

Registration is not required. Bildungsspender does not receive any related data from the shops from which the purchases are made. Purchasing via Bildungsspender does not incur any additional costs for you as a user. You can find out more about the procedure in this explanatory video.

With the help of these two partners, the Montessori School Wiesbaden has the opportunity to raise money for various projects and activities easily and at no extra cost.

We are currently collecting funds for the purchase of picnic tables for our green classroom!