Holiday care

Veröffentlicht: 19. January 2023

Winter holiday care

At the beginning of the holiday care week, the children planned the schedule for the following days. Ideas and suggestions were discussed in the group and decided together

On Monday, for example, the time was used to set up possibilities for letting off steam in our movement room, handicrafts could be made in the cafeteria and various table games were popular

The following day, the children hiked to the Sauerland playground. Once there, there was plenty of time to play and romp around. A picnic together rounded off this experience for everyone quite deliciously

Wednesday was themed “Live on Stage”. Singing talents could shine in groups or in individual performances. Dancing together was a highlight, especially as the light show transformed our stage into a breathtaking disco

On Thursday, our destination was the Rambazamba in Mainz. The trip was really worth it. Everyone had great fun in the play paradise
As a finale, the children wished to spend the day in their Monti. Riding unicycles and pedalos in our movement room, they practised keeping their balance and coordination
A beautiful and eventful week came to an end
Everyone is already looking forward to the next holiday care in our Easter holidays.