Painting competition: The universe

Veröffentlicht: 3. May 2023

“Jugend malt” competition seeks the most creative works

This year’s theme of the “Jugend malt” competition, organised by the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art and the Fulda Children’s Academy, is the universe

The theme is intended to encourage young artists not only to draw or paint pictures of outer space and its infinite expanses, but also to arouse curiosity about our environment, the future of our blue planet and science

The intention of the initiators is that the research for a “youth paints” picture will lead to diving deeper into a research topic and thus acquiring knowledge in the form of facts

Our Monti children have embarked on a journey through our universe in their art lessons. With artistic freedom, they have put their understanding of the universe on paper and depicted what they feel makes up our cosmos. We are keeping our fingers crossed that our participating pupils will be able to convince the jury with their works of art

The deadline for entries is 31.03.2023. Judging will take place in three age groups, from 6-8 years, from 9-12 years and from 13-16 years. Five individual winners will be selected in each judging group. There will also be two special prizes for school classes

The award ceremony and the exhibition of the winning pictures will take place on Tuesday, 4 July 2023 in the Hessian Parliament in Wiesbaden.