World Book Day

Veröffentlicht: 2. June 2023

I give you a story

World Book Day” has been celebrated in Germany since 1996. Around this day, bookshops nationwide give away the World Book Day book “Ich schenk dir eine Geschichte” (I give you a story) to around 1 million schoolchildren. The World Day Book aims to instil the joy of reading in children nationwide
Our Birke 3rd and 4th grade pupils visited the “Buchecke” in Schierstein and our children’s reporters wrote the following article about it

On Tuesday we went to the “Buchecke” in Schierstein for World Book Day. We started at 8:00 at the Monti and were there at 9:00. A man introduced us to the world of books. We listened very intently and learned how books are made, that there are different bindings and which types of books there are. He made us guess how many books there are in the bookshop. There are 2000 in the “Buchecke” in Schierstein. At the end, everyone got the book “Volle Fahrt ins Abenteuer” as a gift. Then we left and went to the bus stop. Mrs. Illing bought us some strawberries. Then we went back to school by bus