Montini Excursion

Veröffentlicht: 19. June 2023

Montini excursion on 02.06.23 for ice cream and two playgrounds

“The best part was the climbing course” at the playground on the Schulberg, Jonathan tells us. “My legs wanted to do that again” he said at the end

First we visited the playground in the Kurpark. After breakfast we went climbing, riding the carousel and swinging. Afterwards, we went to the market square and treated ourselves to a scoop of ice cream. After this was eaten, we walked through the city centre to the Schulberg and found a giant climbing frame with a great view

On the way back, everyone was very happy and exchanged ideas about what they liked best. The playground on the Schulberg was clearly the favourite and motivated the Montinis to want to write the word “Schulberg” so that they could remember it better and show it to their parents

On the bus we followed a short conversation between two bus drivers. As this could not be understood, the Montinis agreed that this must be bus-driving