Action Day Wiesbaden engagiert!

Veröffentlicht: 5. July 2023

Our day of action at Wiesbaden engagiert – “Ran an die Beete”

We started our project day “Wiesbaden engagiert!” on 23.06.2023 in the early morning full of energy and with great enthusiasm. The teams gathered at the individual stations and began restoring the wooden horses, the wooden benches and the garden shed. The preparation of the ground for the base of our water tank and the removal of weeds between our fruit trees as well as a new coat of paint for the playhouse in the grove were tackled. The biggest project on the agenda was the boarding up of our 6 metal beds in the school garden

At the project exchange of Wiesbaden engagiert! on 26.4.23 we were able to win over the decision makers of Lotto Hessen with our project idea. We would like to thank all Monti participants and especially the 16 Lotto Hessen GmbH helpers who tirelessly worked on the stations and especially on the wooden boarding of our school garden beds until late in the evening. It was a busy and, above all, successful day for everyone

Once again, we would like to thank Hornbach Wiesbaden. With the organisation of the 4-metre long urgently needed planks and the free delivery of all the necessary wood, the implementation of the project was possible. Of course, our students had great fun marvelling at the crane.