Excursion to Freudenberg Castle

Veröffentlicht: 12. July 2023

On 7 June, the Chestnut group had a special experience at Freudenberg Castle: During an exciting guided tour around the topic of water, the children of our Chestnut group discovered the properties of water through various experiments. They were fascinated to observe how drops of trampoline bounced on water, how whirlpools formed, which path the water took through a dry stream bed and how water in a large bowl could be miraculously curved by pressure from the hands. Everyone visibly had fun trying things out, making assumptions and thinking about how we deal with water on our planet. All the children were very familiar with the water cycle. But finding out together that we have the same water today as we had on earth millions of years ago and are perhaps drinking “dinosaur pee” was a bit funny in the end 😉