Project week

Veröffentlicht: 16. August 2023

From 10 to 15 July, the annual inter-group project week took place at the Monti. Our Montis and Montinis could choose their favourite project from six offers

Every day it smelled incredibly good at “Delicious things from the kitchen”. The children cooked, baked and created recipe books (see earlier post)

One group was dedicated to nature exploration and was on the road every day. During the Rhine Clean-Up (see earlier post), even swimwear was required

The dance group practised a dance for the summer festival and many talents were also in demand for the shadow theatre. Here there was crafting, dancing and playback singing. Everything was done in darkness and no one recognised any of the children or maybe even one or two of the adults?

A week of creative work with colours and wood was the order of the day for fence slat art. New fence slats now enrich our beautiful little wood. The “old” slats also got a fresh coat of paint and so everything looks very pretty

Finally, another group dedicated itself to the decoration for our big summer party. They were also allowed to make decorations to take home

We celebrated a colourful summer festival together with many children, parents, teachers and friends of the school on Saturday, 15.07.2023. Post to follow 😃