Carnival in the Monti

Veröffentlicht: 25. February 2023

The fifth season is one of the highlights of the school year at Monti. Celebrating exuberantly, dressing up and simply having fun was on the timetable

Finally, everyone was able to celebrate carnival together again this year without any restrictions. As an exception, there was no sugar-free morning, but a delicious carnival feast. As hoped, the celebration was colourful, loud and many children could show who they would like to be. So they slipped into very different roles

Guests included characters from Hogwarts, princesses, superheroes, cowboys, policemen, heroes from Star Wars, Romans, characters from Super Mario World, pirates, ninjas, Indians, ballerinas, Sherlock Holmes, Pikachu and even a king did us the honour of visiting the Monti. In the form of a polonaise with background music, the pupils meandered through the school building with the Monti team. In the end, they reached our colourfully decorated refectory, where the celebration culminated and later came to an end.