Forest playground renovation

Veröffentlicht: 28. February 2023

In December, our new climbing frame was installed in our forest playground. The heavy work machines of the playground builders pushed deep furrows into the forest floor with their thick tyres. This brings out thick, heavy clay. In combination with the persistent rainfalls of the last weeks, a mud desert has been created

In order to get to the root of the mud and dirt transport from the grove to the school building, last Friday, with the help of our Monti parents, we transported 5.5 tons of wood chips from the car park into the grove and applied them in the largest areas that tend to become muddy

Armed with wheelbarrows, buckets and shovels, the action was completed after 1.5 hours thanks to everyone’s great efforts. After the work was done, the action came to a pleasant end with a piece of cake and a warm drink

Now we hope that our action will be carried out in everyday life and we would like to thank all the helpers