E.T. Film Night

Veröffentlicht: 15. March 2023

E.T. Film Night at the Acacia

Our third and fourth graders spent an “E.T. – the Extraterrestrial” movie night at school from Thursday to Friday. The event started at 6pm with the preparation of pizzas in our children’s kitchen. By candlelight and to Italian music, these tasted simply excellent to everyone. After a trip to Discofox and cleaning up the kitchen, we went to the class cinema. The classic film, whose magic captivates every viewer even 41 years after its release, was watched! Popcorn, chips, nachos were urgently needed for this and were allowed to be brought along. In the morning, the children received breakfast service from parents and so the last school day of the week, which was slightly sleep-deprived, could be started well fortified.