Delicious from the kitchen

Veröffentlicht: 16. August 2023

contribution written by our Monti reporters

We were in the cooking project. We could bring recipes from home and every day we thought together about which recipes we wanted to try out
One part of the group, together with Mrs Bug, wrote the shopping lists and went shopping at the REWE. The rest baked and prepared in the kitchen
On Monday we baked Americans and sour cherry crumple. On day 2 we made puff pastry rolls with apple, Nutella and cinnamon filling and baked cheesecake. On Wednesday we made fruit salad and ice cream and ate the cheesecake. On the fourth day we made cold dog and brownies. On Friday we ate ice cream and made recipe books. You can also buy these at the summer festival
We always enjoyed the food and every day was great and exciting

By Jonas and Henrik